Sunday, February 21, 2010

FailSafe: A Quick Note

The story is about to get more violent. Just a warning.

I finally got around to rewriting and posting the missing chapter. The rest of the story is finished and just needs to be cut & pasted and edited.

I wanted to make a comment on the writing. While this is an actual story it still falls under the category of blog post for me. As I mentioned before, everything that happens in this story was written as it was happening. There was no advance planning at all and there's been very little editing to the story. I only had a vague idea about how it was going to turn out. I didn't really know much about it, I just knew it had to be written.

I've been working steadily on my novel which means finding the story, putting it together, and then extensive editing and polishing. These blog posts are usually written down off the top of my head, edited a bit to make it more readable, and then posted. My point is the writing in my novel and any other story that I don't consider "personal" is different than these blog posts. How different, I'm not sure. I don't think I'll know that until I've finished the third draft of my novel (working on the second draft now).

Thanks for reading.

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