Friday, October 23, 2009

FailSafe - An Explanation

The original title of the story was "The Tower" and I had posted parts 1-3 on my other blog "Fainting in Coils." After I finished it, though, I decided to re-post the first three chapters here and will continue posting the entire story on this blog instead.

This is a long story, probably 30+ pages, and I realized "The Tower" wasn't the right title. I've done a bit of grammatical editing to "Chapter 1." I wanted to post the story here because this will be the first time I've offered a story I've written to anybody other than my ex or my therapist. Keep in mind that it's what I call a "personal" short story, that is, it deals with very personal issues going on with me. All of it is cloaked in heavy fantasy but it's still means there's something I trying to work through. I'm still not 100 sure what that could be. It should become clearer as I post these chapters, at least to me.

Just a warning, this story is very heavy in religious, most likely blasphemous imagery. The last major story featuring Mr. Gryphon was "The Coda" and it had some religious imagery but nothing like this one. As you all know I'm not a religious person but I find myself drawn to these subjects. I wonder what that's about?

I wanted to make this story available to my very small readership. I'm curious to see what you all think of it. Comments are welcome, as always. Thanks for reading.

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