Monday, October 09, 2006

Three Things. Well Okay, Nine Things.

Three things I learned about myself today:
  1. Since I have an overactive imagination, I need the following things: some structure (too much is restrictive), somewhere to channel my imagination and belief in my own authority.
  2. Some pampering is good, but exercise is as important for me as breathing.
  3. It's all about balance, balance and more balance.
Three beautiful things re internal stuff:
  1. Learning and accepting myself more and more.
  2. Getting better at staying in the moment.
  3. Meditation, especially when you meditate on what you want, is tremendously grounding and empowering.
Three beautiful things re external stuff:
  1. Standing in the morning sunshine while waiting for the bus.
  2. Writing about getting my butt kicked by Pierre the Penguin on the Choka.
  3. Receiving an unexpected souvenir of chocolate from Germany from a fellow employee.

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