Tuesday, December 19, 2006

It's My Birthday...

Today I am 41. The thing that has been running though my head all day is Smeagol saying to Deagol, "It's my birthday and I wants it!" I have no "one ring" to sustain me through 76 years of searching. No literary masterpiece to couch my exploits in, no Led Zepplin song inspired by me.

It's just me and my dog. Me and my good friends. Me and my family. Me and the killer chocolate cake my secretary made for me. It's not a bad life. It could be a whole lot worse. I could be filing for bankruptcy like someone I know.

There are good things happening, no doubt about that.

No doubts at all.


In the back hallways of my mind, a barely audible voice is singing:
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday, Miss Turtle
Happy Birthday to you.

I'm sitting here slumped in front of my computer screen/32 inch widescreen TV. I'm gearing myself up to go out into the cold night so my dog can "do her business."

Universal heartache abounds.

Happy birthday to me.


anne said...

MT, belated birthday wishes are coming your way this evening.

Just think about all you have learned and accomplished in this past year: blogging, saving at least two people from deportation, taking a fun trip to Vegas, writing a novel in one month... the list goes on, and I do not even know you well!

Thank you for checking in on my v-e-r-y s-l-o-w blog every so often. It is nice to get comments to know someone is actually reading what I wrote!

In answer to your question, which scene do I prefer... I cannot choose. I love the ocean, with the energy and calmness it gives off at the same time (does that make sense?). I grew up land-locked, so every trip to the sea is a memorable one for me.

However, snow and crisp air is invigorating and cleansing, and if the wind is right, I can smell pine trees from the mountains (about 20 miles away). That sensation is pleasing also...

So, in a perfect world, where money was no object, I would be like the family friends we have, who live here in Colorado but spend 2 weeks a year at the lovely Mexican resort by the sea. The best of both worlds, eh?

Embrace all that 41 has to offer -I have been there, I have done that, and Life just gets more interesting as it goes along.

Take care -


Mock Turtle said...

anne - Thank you so much for this lovely comment. It really made my day and sets the tone for a sweet Christmas weekend for me.

I enjoy checking your blog, slow or not, and I enjoy making comments too. I understand what you mean by energy and calmness the ocean gives off. It makes perfect sense to me. Sounds like you have the best of all worlds there, anne. I've never lived anywhere where you can smell pine trees (unless you count the Christmas tree lot across the street from me).

Now that you mention it, 2 weeks at a Mexican resort every year really does sound a like a good way to live the good life. Hm. I'll have to think about that for the coming year.

Have a great holiday season, ms. anne. My best wishes to you and your family.