Thursday, January 25, 2007

Clean Desk, DVDs and No Coughing

Three Beautiful Things for Today:

  1. A clean desk. I finally figured out a way to deal with all those non-urgent tasks that keep piling up. My desk looks beautiful!
  2. A pile of fun DVDs to watch: Rashomon, Brick, Water and Joint Security Area.
  3. Very little coughing. I've had a bad cough for many weeks now. It was so bad that I sprained the muscles in my ribs. When the sprain acts up it hurts like a m*therf*cker. This morning was bad, but I'm feeling better now.


Macarthur said...

Marcus here. I've been reading your blog. I have a blog too under this Macarthur name but it's really just a log of my rants on a specific topic. I'd like to hear from you again. Please email me sometime if you feel like it.

Macarthur said...

You can reach me through the blog, too, I believe.