Sunday, October 07, 2007

2007 Trip: Conservatory

After my hop-on-hop-off bus tour, I spent some time in the Conservatory at the U.S. Botanic Garden. The Conservatory is lovely, even if it isn't that large. They have a wonderful collection of plants.

Palm Trees.

Conservatories are fun places. They have a romantic feeling to them like you're only just beginning to find your best life among the beautiful flowers, plants, trees, humidity and water. Reminds of me a glassed in Garden of Eden. We humans were made to love plants.

Glorious, eh? I made sure I took a picture of the sign so I would remember the name later.

Something about the light today made everything sheer and glowy.

I couldn't get over the color on this flower. Scarlet, Orange, Sunset, Velvet are words that come to mind.

This is some kind of pine tree, if I recall. I was taken by the directions the leaves are going in. Reminds of how hair flows.

This is really strange, but before my trip I had a dream I was looking at this flower. The flower petals are shaped like overlapping leaves instead of being in a circular shape like a rose. In my dream I was looking at this flower very closely and taking in the yellow color. The place and the light in my dream is exactly the same as it is here. I don't know the name of this plant; there was no sign.

This fern was located in the Garden Primeval section of the Conservatory. I had such a difficult time getting a focused shot, but I loved how the light was coming through at that moment.

They had a nice room of succulents and cacti.

Sometimes I think about picking some kind of plant and allowing it to grow into an obsession. Some of the men I've been attracted to have had such an obsession including rare succulents that look like they came from another planet, odd looking orchids and carnivorous plants.


Malarkey said...

Those photos are wonderfully trippy and beautiful. I'm jealous -- I haven't even been to our own conservatory of flowers here in S.F.

Plan'It Earth on Market Street sells Venus Flytraps and I'd get one if it would help with the fruit fly problem I have (but then I feel sorry for the fruit flies because, isn't their lifespan something like one day?)

What kind of camera did you use for those photos? It sounds like something that has additional manual focus options. The detail in the shadows isn't lost either, so it looks like it did a pretty good job.

Mock Turtle said...

Thanks for the compliment about the photos. You need to check out the conservatory of flowers here in SF. It's an easy place to overlook, but still lovely.

I believe the lifespan for the common fruit fly is about 30 says, but I don't know how long they live after they've become adults, could very well be one day.

I used a Canon Powershot S5IS. It's not a digital SLR camera, but a kind of a hybrid between an SLR and a regular small point-n-shoot. There is no real manual focus and the lens is not interchangeable, but it has 12x zoom which I really value. I'm still learning how to use it.

I was going to cave in and buy a Canon Rebel digital SLR instead, but the damn thing was so heavy. This is only a bit lighter so I probably should have gone for the Rebel instead since I was wishing for manual focus on this trip.

I have a Canon Rebel 35mm film camera that I hardly use now, but it's a fabulous camera. I'll probably buy the Canon Rebel digital SLR sometime in the next six months or so. Might as well go all the way.