Thursday, December 27, 2007

YouTube Fun

Space between atoms/current favorite movie trailer/Miss Turtle feeds the penguins.

Hurray! An answer to one of Miss Turtle's most burning questions: What is UP with all the space between atoms? I've been wondering about the answer to this question for years and here I've found it on YouTube. Long live YouTube!

Next up is my current favorite movie preview "The Dark Knight." This shows our first look at Heath Ledger's Joker. Now the Joker comes with some serious pedigree in terms of the actors who have portrayed him, but I'm thinking this is looking promising.

Last, but not least. Someone at the Aquarium found a short video of me feeding the penguins! It was taken by someone in the audience. I had no idea the video had been posted.


anne said...

MT, the penguin feeding video is SO COOL!

I suppose you cannot just throw the fish into their tank and let them fight over it, since the bigger and stronger ones would always win... since you know all of them, do you hand-feed them to make sure everyone gets lunch?

thanks for sharing, and hapy new year!

Mock Turtle said...

Anne - To answer your question: we do hand feed each penguin and there is someone recording each fish we feed to each bird. We do this for the reason you mentioned to make sure everyone gets fed, but mainly we do it to monitor their health. Often, if a penguin gets sick the symptoms are very subtle, by the time they become obvious it might be too late to provide effective treatment. The earliest indication that something might be wrong is always a decrease in appetite so keeping track of what they eat everyday at each feed is very important.

Happy New Year to you too!