Tuesday, January 08, 2008

New Job

Sometimes things work out. Today I accepted a new job. I'm very excited about it!

I didn't have to look very hard. Someone who used to work at my old company started working at another company and they needed to fill the position. She asked me to get in touch with her about interviewing there. I wasn't sure if I wanted to work there, it's a bit smaller company than I'm used to, but I decided to go as a good way to "practice" interviewing. Turns out it's a good fit, or at least it appears to be. I'll find out very soon when I start my new job on Monday.



anne said...

hooray from here too!

nothing like a new lease on your professional life to put other life issues in perspective - i am very happy for you, MT!

Mock Turtle said...

Thanks! I do feel a new lease on things. This new position will require me to learn new skills and stretch a bit. Feeling optimistic overall about the coming year.