Thursday, March 13, 2008

City Life: The Space Man

1st guy: "You look like a space man in that white jacket."

2d guy: What?"
2d guy is an older gentleman I see sometimes on my street. He's wearing a white jacket and his hood is up.

1st guy: "I said you look like a space man in that jacket."
Said a bit louder, pronounced a little slower.

2d guy: "I wear this white jacket so the cars won't hit me."

1st guy: "You're definitely a spaceman. Do you float?"

2d guy (obviously a little confused): "What? I wear this jacket so the cars don't hit me. I DON'T LIKE to be hit by cars."
Says the part in all caps slowly, loudly.

1st guy: "You should try floating."

2d guy: "I have a bright pink jacket too. Everyone is so surprised when they see it, but I don't get hit by cars in it."

Overheard (and seen) on a crowded elevator at Forest Hill Station here in SF a couple of nights ago during the evening commute.

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