Thursday, August 28, 2008

Yes, [I] Can

A good friend of mine asked me in an email yesterday if I was watching the Democratic National Convention. Since I don't have television I haven't been watching it. She says she's been riveted to our nation's politics these last few days.

I've met a guy online (we're just talking) who said he was on pins and needles waiting to hear who Obama was going select as his running mate.

I haven't been following any of this at all. In fact, I'll make a good faith confession here. A couple of weeks ago was the first time I've even heard what Obama's voice sounds like (on some interview).

Before any of you beat the hell out of me keep in mind I live in San Francisco, California and there are plenty of folks around here who are willing to beat me to a pulp with a tire iron because I'm not "political" and "socially" conscious enough. I've even been rejected by men during a date because of it.

However through the power of the internet I have been able to watch not one, but three of Obama's speeches tonight and a music video based on one of those speeches (not unlike the night I watched all of Phelps' swims after he won his historic eight gold medals).

Yes, I can get up to speed on this presidential race. Yes, I can finally see and hear what Obama sounds like. Yes, I can think to myself over and over "Damn, that boy sure looks good on the [You]tube." Yes, I can read 1,000 blogs about what's been going on in Denver. Yes, I can be moved by's music video. Yes, I can avoid getting my head beaten in by my ultra-liberal neighbors. Yes, I can wonder where the hell the Republican National Convention is being held.

Yes, I can.

Kidding aside, and I hope all you don't mind indulging me with this post because it's motivated by feeling guilty at not being more attentive to this presidential race, this is a historic day and a historic moment. We are all on the verge of change and I know we are all hoping it will be for the best. I believe we are on the edges of something good and brave and shiny. We are seeing history not run by us, but walk past us with a billion cameras, reporters and bloggers. Every step, every gesture is happening right in front of our eyes. We may worry about blinking and missing something, but I think what's happening right now is going to be so huge and so bright that it will be visible from way up high. We're in the middle of our chance to reach for something good not only inside us, but for the good of all of us.

Thanks for letting me run to catch up with you.


Anonymous said...

It is fun to be in the midst of a historic campaign and will be something we'll always remember and feel nostalgic about. However, the Republicans have so many tricks-many of them very dirty, very malevolent, and Machiavellian, up their collective sleeves-and the conservative masses are easily manipulated that I believe Obama will lose to the dark forces that reign.

I'd also like to believe that Americans have awakened from their ignorant stupor and make "change" happen, but too many of them will vote against their own best interests because of stupid issues like abortion and the right to carry guns wherever they want. Americans should never have elected Bush again (well...the first time) in 2004. But look what happened. Americans are masochistic. The Christian fundamentalists want to bring on the apocalypse.

Well, there's my dour prognostication on this election season.

It's a form of competitive theater really, what's going on now. It's not too late to have fun watching it like a sport. It will all be history soon. You're living it. So until the election is over that bright future still exists.

Wasn't that stadium speech an amazing spectacle to behold? It was a moment of brightness in our dark times.

Now your blog has suddenly become political!

Marcus said...

All the news and analysis about McCain's V.P. pick of Sarah Palin and the ensuing rumors about her baby, and now her daughter's pregnancy, is kind of fun to read. It's sounding more and more like "Twin Peaks."

Mock Turtle said...

Thanks for your comments.

Anonymous - It's easy to assume that Obama will lose to the dark forces in this country. I've felt that way all along which is why I wasn't paying much attention to this presidential campaign until a few days ago.

The truth is Americans will never awaken from their ignorant stupor. Hell, I can barely get myself awake and I am fully aware of my flaws. Most people aren't like me, they don't beat themselves up against the concrete wall of their shortcomings. And I have to ask you the same question: just how awake are you at this moment in time? Yet, the other truth is people can sometimes surprise you with their choices so I try to be ready for anything.

In fact, I greatly resent this collective term "Americans" as overused by politicians. As if you can lump all of us "Americans" into one group. Yick.

History has shown us how one person can inspire many of us to make changes. If that weren't the case we would all still be back in the Stone Age. The more important question is how much impact can one person make in the here and now with the resources he/she has right now? That's the question that intrigues me.

I haven't seen the entire stadium speech because it was only up in sections on but I will watch the whole thing when I can find it on YouTube.

Don't get used to things being political around here. I abhor talking about such matters because I can't stand people bitching at me as they seem to do so often in this town.

Marcus - Love the Twin Peaks comment.

Thanks for reading.