Monday, June 01, 2009

12 Things In My Apartment

A watercolor I made of a scene from my novel. I decided not to use the scene after all, but doing the watercolor was still very useful.

Beautiful little pillow handmade by a dear friend.

Jar of movie tickets going back at least five years.

My notes on a copy of "Paradise Lost" by John Milton

Dunker the Penguin's egg (I got to watch him being hatched out).

Wine fridge of kick ass wine.

Miss Dog

A sign from the old aquarium belonging to a 100,000 gallon tank that no longer exists.

A pair of very expensive Italian driving moccasins, purchased in London a few years ago.

An original watercolor that lives in my bedroom.

Art books with plenty of religious imagery.

A crayon drawing made by my stepdaughter when she was 6 years old. She's likely forgotten all a bout it. I rescued it when the house was being cleaned out so it could be sold. I was afraid if I let my ex throw it in a box it would be lost forever. My stepson did his own drawing of a frog on the same day (age 4) but it's now lost even though I did my best to find it that day.


Anonymous said...

Cute shoes, baby.

Mock Turtle said...

I usually wear them to Court or other such formal occasions. Lately, I've been wearing them to job interviews.