Saturday, October 31, 2009

Pumpkin Night

There seems to be a rich profusion of car alarms and sirens last night and this morning. The sun is out and it's warm outside. Halloween is always an EVENT in this town but tonight, if the weather holds, it's going to be a serious shebang.

I've been sick with the flu otherwise I'd wander down to the Castro to take in the sights. I don't have a costume but it wouldn't matter anyway. Authorities keep saying there will be NO Halloween this year in the Castro in an effort to keep people away. We've had problems in the past with the wrong sorts showing up. In a town full of diversity just who are the wrong sorts? People with guns and knives, gangbangers who like to shoot and stab people. Those people who would never go into the Castro otherwise. Everyone else is welcome.

Instead, I'll probably just watch some scary movies tonight. Last night I took in some scenes of The Shining on youtube to get in the right mood, then I read this person's blog about the numerology, intentional changes to the props in scenes, and hidden meanings in the film. The intricate level of detail suggestions a person who has plenty of time on his hands. There was an interesting theory on the meaning of the last shot of Jack in the 1921 picture but I had to wade through tons of other stuff to get there.

Here's the official trailer showing the iconic elevator scene. Spectacular. I love the use of the sound and music in this film. The sets. Oh, and the camera angles and cinematography in general. Jack. Wendy. Danny. What a wonderful film!

I just came back from walking the dog and noted that tonight is the last day for the pumpkin patch across the street. I noted with satisfaction that they seem to have sold plenty of pumpkins this year. People are out and about, families rushing in for those last minute jack o' lanterns.

I do miss dressing up though I haven't done it in years. Dressing sexy is so unimaginative. I outgrew that when I got out of my teens. My favorite costume was when I dressed as the Mad Hatter. I made a huge hat out of cardboard and went to a second hand store to get the clothes. It worked out very well. The hat looked great. I couldn't find a checkered vest so I bought a plaid shirt and cut it into a vest. I also had a big soup bowl and saucer that looked like a giant tea cup. I spent the day at work walking around saying "Don't come around here no more."

Time to go scope out some scary movies for tonight. I hope you all have a Happy Halloween!

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