Monday, May 31, 2010

2010 Europe Trip: My Favorite Graffiti

This is my favorite graffiti from the entire trip.

Weird, eh? I thought it made a good public service announcement.

I like weird graffiti. I found the most interesting graffiti in Amsterdam. Some were pornographic. They resembled lewd comics painted, drawn on out-of-the-way walls. And some were more like pornographic murals. I didn't photograph those. I probably should have.

I looked for more graffiti elsewhere but didn't find much of anything. Bruges is too precious for interesting graffiti, and I didn't see much graffiti at all in Nuremberg. Ghent had right atmosphere for graffiti but I was distracted by all the street construction going on. I did snap the picture below in Ghent.

Another public service announcement.

I'm a bit disappointed that I didn't find more but I was staying in the historic city centers mostly so that's not so surprising. I assumed I would find more graffiti in the subways but I didn't. Oh there was some, but none of it was interesting.

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