Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Writing Life: My Three Month Timeline

Pictured here is my three month timeline which shows all my writing projects and steps I want to take. Each project has its own color. I thought about just making a list of steps and printing it out but realized I'd have to keep printing out the list every time it changed. I also thought about using index cards but didn't feel right about wasting an entire card on one task. With the color coded post-its I can move things around, add tasks, subtract them. Also, I can see at a glance where I am with each project even from far away.

It's such a relief not to have all that stuff in my head, weighing me down, and I love that I can just glance to my right to see where I am and what I need to do next. I love it!


Anonymous said...

This is a brilliant system will try it myself

Mock Turtle said...

Thanks! If you come up with additional insights on how to use it, let me know.