Thursday, April 07, 2011

New Toy, er, Netbook Replacement

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Anonymous said...

what is it?

Mock Turtle said...

it's a samsung galaxy tab

Susan Doran said...

meant to ask you - how do you like it? I researched many Samsung products when interviewing with them and this was naturally one I was coveting come time for the corporate discount to kick in. what's best about it?

Mock Turtle said...

I love it. It's just like my phone, actually, but doesn't make calls. Why would I want a bigger version of my phone? Because I bought an excellent, expensive keyboard for it and it's perfect for writing when I'm out and about. The screen is just the right size, the keyboard is instantly responsive and the entire package weighs less than my netbook. And I can still surf and check my emails if I want, be better about checking FB, etc.

Can't wait to show it to you when I see you next.