Thursday, August 11, 2011

Contents Of My Backpack

I have a lot of backpacks. Too many for my own good. Most of the time I carry the one below. It's beautiful, lightweight, cozy, and has a laptop sleeve. Since I carry a lot of stuff, I thought I'd make a list of the current contents. Just for fun.

Front zip pocket (clockwise from the Meetup sign):

  • Coffee splattered Meetup sign for my writing groups.
  • "Billy Elliot" theater ticket. A great musical, by the way.
  • Lighter. I don't smoke but you never know when you're going to be stuck in a med lab with an alien and you have to set off the fire alarm so the marines will come rescue you. Okay, maybe I've watched "Aliens" a few too many times but my excuse is I own the Alien Quadrilogy DVD box set.
  • Buttons from my favorite online comic: two "tops" and one "bottom."
  • Hemp Lip Conditioner from Body Shop and Vincent Longo Lip Stain Lipstick in Belle Etoile. Ms Anne, a regular reader of this blog, once asked me how my lipstick stays so perfect in my pictures. This is the lipstick I use for those photos and for nearly everything else. I also like Burt's Bees lip balm.
  • Mints
  • Stash's English Breakfast black tea bag.
  • A sample of Gun Oil, a silicone lubricant from Good Vibrations, a famous woman owned sex shop here in San Francisco.
  • Work badge, volunteer badge.
  • Moleskine Notebook: plain pages, soft cover, pocket size.
  • Various pens, including a green mechanical pencil and some Hello Kitty pens.
Main middle compartment (clockwise from purple scarf):

  • Purple tissue weight cashmere pashmina scarf bought on sale at Nordstroms and, other than my Raybans, ID case, and phone, my constant companion.
  • One hand knitted merino wool "Oliver Twist" style fingerless glove bought at an antique shop in the Mission. The other glove is around here somewhere.
  • Zip cosmetic bag with various sundry items: hair brush, contact lens case, compact, etc.
  • Super gory Korean military mystery/horror film "The Guard Post." The film is a bit confusing with the flashbacks but I really liked it. I should enjoy subsequent viewings. Not available here in the U.S., had to order it from the U.K.
  • Ear buds for phone.
  • Flash light in case I get stuck in the MUNI tunnel and the power goes out. Hmm. I better check those batteries.
  • Not shown: Motorola Droid phone and its power cord.
Laptop sleeve (clockwise from the keyboard):

  • Close to full size keyboard made specifically for my Galaxy Tab. It's very sturdy, has a good feel to the keys, and there's no typing lag time. It was pricey at the time and a little heavier than I would have liked but turned out to be a great buy.
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab, 7 inch screen. Tablets are typically thought of as "consumer" devices but I use mine primarily for writing. My favorite writing program, Scrivener for Mac, syncs folders and documents through Dropbox so I have my entire story on the Tab. When changes are made, it uploads the edited files to Dropbox and when I open Scrivener, the changes are sync'd inside the program. I can also upload new files from Scrivener to Dropbox to my Tab. No more cutting and pasting documents. It's beautiful! I also have Amazon Kindle on the Tab. I surf the internet, check Twitter and GReader, etc. but mostly I write on it. I often pull up my current story when I'm in the tunnel on MUNI and read and make edits with the onscreen keyboard.
  • Power and extension cords for Galaxy Tab.
Items I'm never without:

  • Raybans. I wear my Raybans all the time, even at night. I don't do it because it looks cool; I do it because they are very good at blocking the wind. Because I wear hard contact lenses, any little thing that gets into my eyes hurts like hell and I can't see. Raybans prevent stuff from being blown into my eyes. Sometimes I'll wear them on MUNI late at night when I take the bus because they're a kind of psychological barrier between you and bothersome/drunk/stoned passengers. For some reason, people tend to leave me alone if I'm wearing them.
  • Clipper card. This is my public transportation card for MUNI and BART. I use both all the time.
  • Zip ID case. I replaced my wallet with this wonderful little case. I have my drivers license, insurance and registration info, credit card, ATM card, Starbucks gold card, cash, and several different museum membership cards. Sometimes, like now, it gets a little full so I have to empty it out on a regular basis.
  • Not shown: Again, the Motorola Droid phone which I'm using to take these pictures.
And the main missing item? My camera and an extra charged battery. I should carry my camera everywhere but I don't because of the extra weight it adds. I need to get used to carrying it with me all the time, like before. When I first started this blog, the camera was another one of my constant companions.


Daphne said...

HAHAHAHAHA!!! Very funny re the lighter - you kill me, MT! I could never carry all that stuff around though - the bag I carry most often is only about 7x4x2 inches and holds nothing more than some cash, plastic, ID, lip gloss and phone/bluetooth. Thus I am endlessly fascinated by all your backpacks :)Fun post!

Mock Turtle said...

Glad you liked the post! I enjoyed writing it.

Yeah, it is ridiculous all the crap I carry around. Traveling light has never been a strong suit of mine.

Thanks for reading.


bones dvds onsale said...

nice post. the picture on the top is very beautiful, i like it.

Marco said...

Love it. Reminds me of this:

Mock Turtle said...

@Marco: Thanks for link! Scary that I'm not so far from Janis.