Thursday, September 08, 2011

Short Term Stability

Lately I've been wondering what's going to become of me.

I have a good, stable temp job right now.  A six month gig in a nice company.  The job isn't too taxing. the commute is easy, and the people are nice.  This job could extend another six months but that would give me only a year of stable employment.

What happens after that?  I don't have any more savings.  I burned through it when I was unemployed the last time out.  Three jobs in four years.  Is there something wrong with me?  Am I too old?  Too expensive?

A rep from the recruiter who put me into this company called me this morning to ask if I wanted to go to an interview at a law firm.  I explained I was at this company and, therefore, committed to this six month job.  She said she understood and would update her records (!).   Then she asked me again if I would consider interviewing for this firm.  I told her no.  When they put me into this company, my other rep for this same recruiter said they expected me to work the entire six months and I said I would.  Besides, the firm who wanted to interview me gave me the runaround about six weeks ago.  Yes, no, yes, then a last minute, same day interview cancellation.  They can go fuck themselves.  Who wants to go interview for a bunch of arrogant attorneys who think it's all right to treat people like that?  Not me.

What companies/firms don't realize is how they treat the interviewees becomes a clear indication of how they treat their employees.  And maybe even how they treat their customers.  Sure, they're in the driver's seat right now but there's no reason to behave like arrogant fucks about it.

As for what will become of me, I don't know.  I might find a good, stable job by the end of six months or as this temp gig is coming to a close.  I may have to leave my beloved San Francisco and go home to my parents so I can get back on my feet again.  I may win the lottery or publish a bestseller.  Yeah, right.

For now, I'm happy to have this job.  It doesn't require a whole lot of energy and there's plenty of energy left over for writing.  For the next six months I'm going to enjoy myself and try to get some good fiction work done.  My job after this one may be some ballbreaker situation where I have to work tons of overtime and particularly sell my soul so I can pay the rent and some bills.  You never know.


Mya.L said...

Totally agree with your views on the job market/companies (and I'm sure there's nothing wrong with you - I used to live in Paris, I had 2 stable jobs in 10 years; then moved to London, where I've had 8 different jobs in 7 years and plenty of unemployed months in between. I haven't had a stable job for 2 years now, although everyone says I'm conscientious and hard-working etc). Recruitment companies do not really care about their candidates either, they just want the money... I hope you can stay in lovely San Fran - went there 2 years ago and now dream of living there one day!

Mock Turtle said...


Thanks for this excellent comment. I'm sorry you are in the same boat as so many of us with the job market. Eight jobs in 7 years! *winces* In the past, I never would have thought I could deal with this kind of instability in my life but you adapt as well as you can.

I'm going to work hard to stay in my City but if I have to move I'll do my best to come back here.

Thanks so much for following this blog and reading my stuff. I really appreciate it.