Sunday, February 25, 2007

City Life: Overheard on MUNI, 2/23/07, Friday Night

"He is so ugly. I mean, that's a kind of ugly you just can't get rid of. I mean, when I was younger I was a little chubby, but I got rid of it. That is just damn ugly."

"This is turning into an East-Coast-no-one-looks-at-each-other kind of thing. I mean, that's where this bus is AT."

- Travis, 26 year old guy.

While on the 6 Parnassus on the way home none of us could ignore the booming Tennessee twang of Travis as he ranted and raved on the bus. The guy was harmless enough, just spectacularly drunk. Several folks, including the young shit-faced exotic dancer he was with, tried to shut him up, but to no avail.

It is quite common to board MUNI later in the evening and encounter people who can't stop talking loudly, but this guy's ability to vocally project was so impressive he was even disturbing people wearing their iPods. He should be a stage actor.


anne said...

The sage green background here is pleasing - a nice respite for the eyes from other blogs' black and white color schemes

Mock Turtle said...

anne -
Thanks for this message. I was going for soothing and easy on the eyes. It's good to see that I accomplished that goal.