Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Color of the Sky

Sky and Macy's Sign

Street light a few feet to my right in the same parking lot

While in the parking lot at the mall I became enthralled with the color of the sky. The blue was nowhere near sunset color or summer sky. Just the deepening dark you see in the first picture. I took many pictures and although none captures the color correctly, it's still close. If I had Photoshop I might digitally enhance the color, but I'm glad I don't. I prefer to take my pictures in real time and to keep them as close to real as possible (except when I'm playing with turning them gritty black and white).

While photographing the sky I took a picture of the parking lot light and got a couple of small smears, much like I get when I take my phone pictures at a concert. Intrigued, I started playing around with deliberately moving the camera. I like the second image a lot. It's weird in a jellyfish kind of way.

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