Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Learning Life: How to Store Cheese

Since I've been eating artisan cheeses lately, I've learned some good tips for storing them.
  1. Wrap soft, medium and hard cheeses loosely in waxed paper, then wrap loosely in good quality plastic wrap. Change the wrappings every couple of days.
  2. Wrap blue cheeses loosely in plastic wrap and store in its own plastic container with some holes poked in the container. Change the wrappings every couple of days. Storing blues in this manner still allows them to breathe, but does not transfer mold to other cheeses.
  3. Store all cheeses in the veggie bin in your fridge where the humidity is higher.
Wrapping cheeses loosely is very important as cheese needs to breathe. Take them out at least an hour before serving (I put them in a small glass dome, the cheese-putter-in) and serve on a cheese board. Each cheese should have its own knife/slicing tool. Keep all your tools clean: board, knives, slicers, plastic containers, veggie bin, etc.

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