Sunday, August 12, 2007

Recent Comments

I want to thank the good folks for their recent comments. They are very encouraging. Sometimes I feel like I'm posting out in the middle of nowhere and all I'm doing is some really boring navel gazing.

All comments made go directly to my gmail account so I get them right away.

Response to Mr. X: Yes, I think I know who you are. If I'm right, then you are the person with whom I first tried some of this experimental, cryptic writing in the form of emails. I've also been thinking about you lately for some reason. Years ago you made the following comment:

"Some lonely guy is sitting alone in his room wondering where the fuck you are."

You were talking about how you were certain I'd find the right guy for me. I have not, but when I'm thinking about how I'm doomed to remain single for the rest of my life, I think about that comment and it brings tears to my eyes. Where is that guy anyway?

Thanks for reading everyone.

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Mr. X said...

Yes indeed, you guessed correctly, my friend. Mr. X. (readers duly note that, in another dimension, I accompanied our lovely Ms. Turtle on occasion for amusing adventures, coaxing and cajoling her somewhat into her disappearance into this rabbit hole...some place the blame on me, others place the blame on my identical twin, Mr. Y.)

I suddenly thought of you or had an image of you in my head (encircled in a whispy cloud not dissimilar to a "thought balloon") while waking Saturday morning. Or maybe you somehow entered into my ruminations of late on the worlds of Sid and Marty Kroft, and my lifelong desire to permanently enter into those worlds. I wondered, "wait a minute, didn't she start an online journal, visible for all to see?" Where have I been? Who knows? Time flies. It circles, hovers, takes off again. I hope you're not mad that I haven't checked in with you in a while. But I digress...

Anyway, I like that cocaine story. I don't have any stories that edgy because I never did anything that risky when I was young, other than drive my Plymouth Duster 100 miles an hour on a desert highway late at night. Even that makes me feel anxious when I think about it now.

Oh, I also enjoyed your observations and the minutae of interpersonal communication (or non-communication). The fellow may have indeed been "peeking" as you say, but one can never tell what someone could be "peeking" at. Or "peeking" for. I do think that people have the ability to sense the attraction of another individual and it may be due to the workings of some as-yet undiscovered or invisible process, hormones/pheromones and the like.