Wednesday, August 22, 2007

If so I Can't Imagine Why, Part 2 of 2

"Your hair wants cutting."

"Yeah," I say, " I need to get my bangs trimmed." I'm looking out of range of this conversation. Mr. Gryphon and I are sitting on a huge rock on the beach. The White City gleams in the distance behind us.

It's a bright sunny day, a little warm, but with a breeze. Mr. Gryphon wears oversized Ray Bans.

"It's quite a lot like our original scene in the original story," I say, "All we need is Alice."

"I've been wondering when she'll be showing up. Any idea when that will happen?"

"No idea. I expect it will happen at some point. I mean, isn't our talk with her essential to what happens next?"

"Dunno," says Mr. Gryphon. The waves roll in and the sound is beautiful and soothing.

"We are very lucky to live along the seashore, Mr. Gryphon. Many people do not have ready access to the beach." He smiles, but doesn't answer. Instead, he lowers his legs and dangles his feet in the cold blue water. A flock of majestic Brown Pelicans fly by, about seven of them. They give the impression of flying slowly even though they're moving fast.

"I've figured out some important things these last few days, Mr. Gryphon. I'm beginning to see how things might be hopeful for me, for us, after all."

"Things were never unhopeful. You were just wallowing around in yourself again."

"As befits my persona on this blog," I say absently. He shifts next to me, getting a little closer. Some small, leggy shorebirds are racing back and forth with the incoming tides.

I am still looking out of range of this conversation. It seems I've made some extra room somewhere in my life. I feel light and airy. Something or someone will take its place, but I don't what that will be yet. I have a feeling it will be a good thing, though.

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