Thursday, May 07, 2009

Bob Dylan: The Collection

While surfing around one night I came across a press release that came out when Bob's album "Modern Times" was released. iTunes put together a digital collection of all of Bob's albums from his very first "Bob Dylan" through "Modern Times." In addition, you get 42 rare tracks. The albums include his studio albums, the entire bootleg series, greatest hits albums, all the live albums, plus a 100 page booklet. It's all digital, of course. The price? $200.00. The total number of tracks is 773 or 53 albums (over 3 gigs of music).

Some Bob fans aren't very happy because they already own most or all the albums and they're angry that iTunes isn't offering the 42 rare tracks as a separate bundle. Also, because of the greatest hits albums there are many duplicate recordings. Still, for all the disadvantages I have to admit that my eyes went cross-eyed when I went onto iTunes to check it out. Even accounting for duplications that's still a staggering amount of music. Because Bob's catalog of music is so vast I had to put together a list of 16 albums to start with but since I've only bought a handful of his albums so far getting this collection is perfect for someone like me who's just starting out.

Given my unemployed status I won't be buying this collection anytime soon but it's definitely something I'm planning to work towards. When I get this new collection I'm going to have to buy a new iPod something I'd been planning to do anyway.

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