Monday, August 23, 2010

Ego-Driven Weird Note

*Note: I first wrote and posted this on FaceBook, hence the references about locations.*

It's a skewered, burnt toast of a day with only 34 minutes left. I heard the sounds of some screaming kid outside a few minutes ago but all I could think of was, rather uncharitably, isn't it way past that little guy's bedtime? I should be more compassionate but I'm held prisoner by my own self-centered love-ins so there's no helping me. Now I just embrace the fact that I'm impossibly self-absorbed, completely in love with my own words and thoughts. And the rampant ego that passes for my humanity just keeps clicking along fooling some of the people some of the time, but definitely fooling me all the time.

This must be a new phase in my life. Or maybe just a continuation of the same.

Yesterday I couldn't find my copy of "Naked Lunch" so I settled for reading the first few pages on's "LOOK INSIDE!" feature. Burroughs always was a cheeky guy. There's never been enough New York City for him, that much is true. After reading the first few pages I amused myself by reading one star reviews of the book but that got tiring after while in much the same way staring at the bathroom faucet while waiting for it to turn itself on gets tiring.

Last night, I watched my $5.95 used version of "Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence," a sequel to the groundbreaking anime film "Ghost in the Shell." I can safely say GITS 2 is the most beautiful film I've ever seen in a glittery, enameled, bejeweled way complete with semi-automatic weapons. It's also slow in parts, much to the chagrin to folks with short attention spans, but better yet to admire all that animated beauty. It's also rife with philosophical quotes, she said rubbing her hands with glee. Oh and the plot is incomprehensible too but only in the same way that "Inception" was incomprehensible. That is, a head scratcher for some movie critics but most of folks didn't seem to have a problem following the story. At least I don't think so.

Locations. Does FB now tell everyone where I'm at? I'm still trying to figure out what that's about. Normally I wouldn't be concerned but my phone is the sassy, sexy equivalent of implanting a chip inside my head so my whereabouts can be determined. (Heh. All my former co-workers: remember when I used to joke that we needed to implant location chips inside the attorneys' heads so we could find them when we needed them? No, you don't remember me saying that? I must have dreamed it.)

Far be it for me to project people's attitudes and knowledge on this poor Note. Forgive me. I have no idea if you even saw "Inception," even know what "Naked Lunch" is, and more likely, have no idea what "Ghost in the Shell" is. I should just stick to the usual, boring crap that permeates my life. Wait!...There is no boring crap in my life! How lucky is that...?!

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