Saturday, July 29, 2006

Ms. Anne's Encouraging Words

Ms. Anne consistently made encouraging comments on my old blog and now she's continued that practice on The White City. I can't tell you how this makes me feel. Right after I put The White City back up, I had doubts. Last night I sat at my computer for something like two hours composing a post which in the end I judged to be worthless. Today, I was haunted by the feeling that I had nothing interesting to say. I was worried I would start whining again. I considered deleting this new blog.

I got home from playing with penguins all day realizing how ridiculous I was being. First off, there are literally hundreds of penguin/aquarium stories rolling around in my head if I could just stop thinking about certain individuals who are no longer in my life for five, maybe ten minutes. In fact, I could start a separate blog called "Mock Turtle's Aquarium Life" and spend decades writing about that subject alone.

I was thinking about all this when I logged onto my email and found Ms. Anne's sweet comment. As she points out, comments really help a blogger along. It's so wonderful to know that someone else is reading and enjoying what you write.

Thanks a whole lot, Ms. Anne. Your comment couldn't have come at a better time.


anne said...

Glad I could help!

Macarthur said...
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