Thursday, July 27, 2006

My Last Blog...

was called Mock Turtle's San Francisco Life. I purged and deleted it a few weeks ago. This new blog will be similar; it just has a new title. I've included my dream about the White City in case you're curious about the title, but I doubt it will shed much light on things. What to say? This time there's a lot to say.

Things like I missed blogging so much I actually started to ache from it. I'd wander around my City looking at things and wanting to take pictures so I could post them. Then I realized there was nothing to post to. I missed the writing. I've been doing quite a bit of writing lately which is great, but there's something so deeply satisfying about writing for an audience and publishing it here on I don't know what it is. It's a different kind of writing.

I missed Mr. Gryphon, my imaginary friend.

I was supposed to go see the Buzzcocks at the Mezzanine tonight, but I skipped it because I wanted to set up this blog. No matter, I'm only out $24.

I kept going back to my purged posts. I have a 95 page Word document with all the posts I saved. It includes many posts I never published either because I never got around to fleshing them out or they were even more deeply personal than the posts I did publish. I love all those posts. I was so proud of Mock Turtle's San Francisco Life. I felt I had successfully created a world of my own, a world where my writing was capable of moving others.

While setting up this blog, I considered using a completely different persona and using a different URL, but must admit I've become fond of being Miss Turtle. Coming back here has a feeling of coming home for me.

I've learned many new things about myself since I've been gone these few weeks. Some of the lessons have been very hard indeed. I'm still spitting out my teeth from when they were kicked in. There's still blood running down my chin, but I've gotten better about keeping a steady supply of gauze around.

One last thing: if you think that my starting this blog shows a lack of integrity and/or consistency on my character, then you can go laugh and be mean somewhere else.

But if you want to sit for a bit and read because you're curious and/or because you actually think I might have something interesting to say then I welcome you to this space. The holes in my mouth will heal eventually and I have a good dental plan. Who knows what will happen later? Time heals everything, so they say.


Frank Zappai said...

Miss Turtle,
good luck with your new blogging venue, and thanks for the note on the zappai site.

anne said...

MT, I am so glad you are back! Thanks for the comment on my grateful post; as you are aware, it is good to know that someone is reading what you write.

I am looking forward to reading your very creative pieces, as always.

Macarthur said...
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