Thursday, August 17, 2006

City Life: Permission to Speak Freely

Forest Hills MUNI Station, San Francisco

I took this picture quite a while ago and forgot about it. I used to take pictures at MUNI stations all the time until the MUNI folks said I couldn't do it anymore. I guess they were worried I was doing research for a terrorist attack. No matter. Better to be safe than sorry. However, I did see this sign for a little over a week before finally taking three quick pictures. It didn't come out as well as I would have liked, but at least you can see what the person was doing here.

Graffiti in general is very interesting to me, but something like this really gets me salivating. Metro PC ad as biblical forum. I love it. I did spend some time reading the entire ad. I wondered what the person was like. The thought of carrying all those thoughts about Hell until you can't contain them anymore makes me think this person is not having a good time. I hope I'm wrong about that.

The next day I noticed they'd replaced the ad with a clean version. I'm glad I took this picture.

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Mr. X said...

Hey you, I like this one. I've been doing this recently too. Photos of graffiti as interesting abstract art. Also notice when empty spaces on Muni walls have been graffitied, cleaned up (resulted in a smeared chalkboard-like effect), then lightly graffitied again and perhaps a small sticker or two somewhere...Rauschenberg-esque.

I know this isn't your most recent post...but for the longest time I could not remember the name of your blog...upon rediscovering it, I proceeded to go back as far as I could. (I'm someone you to to guess! You'll figure it out. I know you will.) Anyway this is all very cool and enjoyable stuff you've posted. I love how you think. It sounds like you have lots of readers and fans, so keep up the good work. I don't know know if you're alerted to comments to old posts or not. Anyway, I'm going to bookmark your site.