Sunday, August 27, 2006

My Dog is Trying to Tell Me Something

Last week I came home from work and found that she'd gotten into my lower bookshelf (the one housing all my self-help books). I was feeling like a basketcase for a while and I'd been spending too much money making self-help authors rich. See the picture below of what she did:

Next thing I know, there's a present in the living room. No, not that kind of present. This one:

Now, my dog is plenty smart and she's been known to leave things (messages?) like this upon occasion. This is not a random thing. There is absolutely nothing else in middle of the floor except these three items and they are carefully laid out. What are they? A subscription card to Real Simple magazine, the book "Why Men Love Bitches" and the red ball that I sometimes put treats and peanut butter inside for her eating pleasure.

I think she's sick of me reading these damn self-help books and magazines and ignoring her. This is probably a much needed message in my humble household. I'm sure if she could move the computer to the middle of the floor, she would do that too.


anne said...

MT, this is hysterical!

I have never owned a pet, so I have no idea how animals interact with the humans that have raised them.

However, it appears that your dog is the creature that knows you best and loves you most, no matter what, so maybe you should take her message seriously... I think I would!

Mock Turtle said...

I've had many pets in my life (I grew up in a houseful of animals). Not all animals are this smart; I've been lucky. I had a rabbit named Hazel who would constantly comment on the state of my messy room, the fact that he wasn't fed enough treats or let out of his cage enough in a whole host of ingenious ways. He was a lot like Bugs Bunny.

I had a pet rat that loved to listen to music. My ex would play the guitar for him.

Tinkerbell, the dog I grew up with, was rock solid and very loyal, but that didn't stop him for doing mischievious things every once in a while.

Even the penguins, bird-brained as they are, aren't shy about letting you know when they're annoyed. When I'm gone for too long a time, they give me the hardest time when I get back and try to feed them. They get in and out of the water and refuse to cooperate. They're little scamps.

I did get your book tag. Thanks a lot for inviting me to participate. It'll be the subject of my next post!