Monday, January 31, 2011

City Life: Stairway to Heaven

Modified version of the staircase picture from my earlier post about the fog. It has a haunted look about it. Maybe even a Stairway to Heaven feel to it.

I'm stomping through the cold dark streets. It's okay to walk in middle of the street because it's after 3:00 am. The streets shine with orange fused illumination from the street lights. I stand in the middle of the street trying to get a picture of some kind but everything keeps coming out wrong.

It seems my desire to photograph what I see is getting more and more urgent but getting the camera to cooperate is something else. I wave at it, cajole the flash, hold onto it tightly (always wrapped around my wrist in case I drop it), and otherwise attempt to seduce my camera into seeing my vision or coming up with a better one.

Still, I'm grateful for this camera. When I bought it I was only focused on the 10x zoom and its luscious small size. I had no idea the lens was so much better than a regular point and shoot though I should have figured that out when I paid good money for it.

The dog just wants to keep going up the street, up that steep hill. I don't know why. There aren't many bushes for her to sniff around in. It's so late that the 36 bus has even stopped rattling by. I look up at a friend's window as we walk up the hill. She's asleep but it's still comforting knowing she's up there. Some people still have their Christmas lights on.

I like that Stairway to Heaven picture. The bright light at the stop of the stairs is one of the orange streetlights. It brings to mind Heaven's retractable staircase in Milton's Paradise Lost. I enjoyed modifying it. I was trying to keep more color in the photo but each time I tried to infuse some color the whole thing would go monochrome orange, green, or blue.

Someday I'll write a Stairway to Heaven story. It's one of the many religious motifs I haven't used yet.

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