Friday, November 16, 2012

Miss Turtle IS Darth Maul

My department at work takes Halloween very seriously and we go all out for it.  This year we voted for a "Star Wars" theme.  We built a Death Star and put up a bunch of decorations.  And each of us dressed up as a character.  Originally, I wanted to be Boba Fett but I realized trying to fit armor on my body would be a serious challenge so I picked Darth Maul instead.  Maul figures prominently in "Star Wars I:  The Phantom Menace" as the villain.

Maul is a badass with a double-sided red light saber but more than that, he has super cool clothes.  I'd purchased the main outfit (including the mask and boot covers) along with a cloak.  I had to buy the gauntlet gloves and turtleneck.  The cloak turned out of be completely inadequate and Maul's cloak is flowing, voluminous, and awesome so I decided to make my own, placing all my modification efforts there.

I bought a bunch of black linen fabric at 50% off and used my bathrobe as a pattern.  After sewing it together, I then sketched out the hood but made it huge (Maul's hood drapes down in the back even when he's wearing it) then sewed that on.  Connecting the hood to the cloak was a challenge but I got it to work.  I noted that Maul's sleeves were very long, almost to the floor, and split on the underside so I had to add more fabric to the already very long sleeves to make them look right.

Me with the cloak on.

Me sans cloak.

The company has a tradition of allowing the employees to bring in their kids for Halloween trick-or-treat and a bunch of fun activities for the families.  When the kids came through I had to take my mask off because I kept scaring them.  Hell, I was scaring some of the adults.

We're already talking about next year and "Alice in Wonderland" has come up as a possible theme.  I would love to be the Mad Hatter again (I did a really great costume of the Hatter years ago) but if someone else wants to be the Hatter then I'll be Mock Turtle.  Of course.


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