Monday, March 19, 2007

Attempted Antidote

All right. To counterbalance the downer of a post I just did a few minutes ago here's a list of things I've always wanted to do.

  1. Travel the world. No, not just some major European countries, but the World.
  2. Make a film. There I said it.
  3. Write a novel. I know. I'm farther along than most of the population that says they want to write a novel.
  4. I could say I want to be in a relationship. It's true. I want someone who loves me, who will hold my hand, who will tell me I'm so cool, who is proud of me and who thinks I'm pretty.
  5. Give the penguin lecture while feeding them. This is a tough one for me. Public speaking is difficult enough, and I've spent many years talking about the penguins to groups of people, but standing there with a microphone headset talking about them while a bunch of people are staring at you, and trying to feed them at the same time just paralyzes the hell out of me. Especially since I'm so used to talking to the penguins while feeding them.
  6. I want to create collage boxes sort of in the mode of Joseph Cornell.
  7. I want to finish my short story "56 Days" and start another one and another one.
  8. I want to take some classes about history, literature, astronomy, attend some lectures, go to the museums, see some architecture.
  9. I want to finish my review of Kurosawa films and start another film review, perhaps the films of Fellini, or Leone or great silent comedies.
  10. I want to learn more about the Sumerians, the Greeks and the Romans.
  11. I want to live in a place with a marvelous bathtub.
  12. I want to read a whole lot of books.
I want to share all of this with someone.

Christ, I need a fucking vacation in the worst way.


Marcia said...

I love your list and appreciated the link to his boxes, I had never seen them. I particularly liked two with birds and two with photos.

I've just gone back to my novel as well, I would think working on your novel as happy as you are with it after reading it, would be a good way to get past a dark place as would zoning into a collage????

Mock Turtle said...

Thanks for your comment. I was only introduced to his boxes in the last year and a half by a good friend of mine. They are like little universes.

I'm glad you've gone back to your novel, and it's true that I'm happy about mine, but when I'm like this, I feel like I can't do anything at all (except write these whiny posts). The despair can be crushing.

Battling your demons is all encompassing and saps all of your energy.

Thanks for the suggestion.