Wednesday, March 21, 2007

On Board the Lifeboat

Things have changed a bit these last couple of days. It seems I don't really have to keep tossing these messages in a bottle overboard all the time. In fact, it occurs to me that all those bottles lead straight to me anyway and if someone wanted to get a hold of me, he could.

This means I don't have to keep this Shackleton wooden lifeboat steady in these treacherous, unfriendly waters. I can take those oars and make my way to the Island finally. This is good. I don't know what I'll find on the Island, but I've heard it's teaming with wildlife.

I welcome the opportunity to be back on terra firma and to get warm. Being splashed all the time with cold seawater is draining, not to mention unhealthy.


I hear the distinctive flapping of wings and I look up. The homing pigeon Mr. Gryphon, my imaginary friend, has procured these last few weeks has returned with a message. I unroll the small scroll carefully while the pigeon pecks at some seeds I've given it. The message says:

Come back to the Island! Don't make me come out there myself and get you!

I write a quick response and send the pigeon back. Time to get going. What I thought was my mountain of woe is actually my mountain of jewels. Imagine sitting on a treasure trove and not seeing it for months and months. Imagine all the best gifts in the world being presented to you and batting them away. Not very smart of me, I'll admit it.

I place the oars into the water and start rowing. It's slow going at first, but the sea helps me along. I'm no longer fighting the current. The exercise feels good. It won't take long for me to get there.

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