Friday, March 02, 2007

Two Steps Back

The last two days have been tough. Things are going along just swimmingly for me and then BAM, something throws me for a loop. Sometimes my response to these loops is to do something stupid. The good news is my stupid behavior probably won't be noticed this time, or at least ignored. Maybe.

Several people have told me the best way to deal with these situations is to be nice to yourself, pamper yourself a little (get a massage, buy some shoes, things like that). After pondering the alternatives I went to Nordstrom and plunked down a ton of money for a makeover. "I need to stop wearing makeup like I'm in high school," I told the very nice lady who helped me. She was stunned when I told her I would be taking everything she used on my face along with some alternative eye shadow colors for my eyes. I kept telling her that I viewed this makeover as an investment in my overall appearance.

I look great, by the way. See?

Whether I can duplicate the same results later on remains to be seen. However, the very nice lady did provide me with a cool coloring book style "face chart" where she colored in all the products so I could follow along at home. I love makeup the same way I love that 64 box of Crayola crayons. So many colors! So many possibilities! Too bad I was better at coloring than I am at putting on makeup.

At least if I fall flat on my face later, I'll be looking damn fine. Grrrg.

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anne said...

MT, what a great smile!

A makeover is sometimes just what you need to feel re-invigorated and ready to take on the world (again).

A couple of years ago, I also realized I was using the same makeup products and 20-something colors from the days when I worked in a department store right after college.

Two decades later, my skin was not the same, and the world of skin care and color had changed immensely. The woman at the Clinique makeup counter had a good laugh at my expense, but it was well worth it to get the latest products and a lesson in how to use them.

Good luck with the new (presentation of) you!