Monday, March 19, 2007

Miss Turtle and Her Demons

Good folks who read my blog:

I'm having a bad time of it. It could be a permanent thing, something that's hanging around for this week, perhaps it will pass after I walk the dog, eat something, and go to bed.

I'm just warning everyone right now. I hate whining on this blog because I keep thinking that's not why people come to here. They don't want to read about my dark state of mind.

Someone once told me that, like him, I don't fight against the outside world instead I'm fighting myself. He observed that he is a formidable opponent. I'm sure this is true, but while he's just got himself as an opponent, I have entire Universes inside me. Whole armies and countries and planets are waging war with me. What's worse is they all have magical powers or supernatural abilities. I'm being overrun on a regular basis. Or at least right now.


Just a warning.

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anne said...

Duly noted.