Thursday, April 05, 2007

Dating Life: All He Said Was "Oh"

This past weekend I spoke to a guy I'd been communicating with via email for the first time. It was a strange conversation and I don't mean that in a good way. I can overlook the fact that the guy seemed nervous/socially inept even with his nervous, hyena-like laugh every couple of sentences. He seemed to relax only when talking about his work with lasers. I asked him a couple of questions about lasers, and was able to keep up with the conversation, but I was so bored.

He asked me about the spontaneous drive I took to Vancouver in the summer when I visited Seattle, then told me he used to live in Seattle and had never been to Vancouver. He couldn't think of any decent reason to go there except maybe to see the aquarium and that wasn't a good enough reason.


Vancouver is a beautiful city and clearly there's a ton of stuff to see there, but if it's not your scene so be it.

Things took a strange turn when he kept talking about aquariums. He said he'd been to world class Monterey Bay Aquarium, but didn't like it much. I mentioned that I volunteer at an aquarium. His reaction was silence. Usually someone says something like "Oh, do you take care the fish?" or "What do you do there?" Not knowing what else to say I said something like "Yeah, I work with the penguins. I've been doing that for a long time."

"Oh," he said. In the almost 20 years that I've been working with these animals, I have never gotten a reaction like that. The reaction is always one of amazement and curiosity. Questions usually range from: "What do you do with them?" to "What are they like?" or even "Is it cold in their tank?"

All he said was "Oh." He asked no questions about penguins or the aquarium. This was not a good sign. In fact, other than obvious signs of psychosis and violence, I would say this is the worst sign of all.

He ended our conversation with "I think I might want to call you on Sunday." He might want to call me? Perhaps I was being oversensitive, but it sounded really arrogant to me. Thankfully, I haven't heard from him again. Clearly he wasn't into me and I'm certainly not into him.


anne said...

Good call on this, on all levels.

Happy Easter!

Mock Turtle said...

What's strange is that he had a wide variety of interests in addition to being a bit of a geek. He mentioned several really interesting things about architecture, art and music, plus he likes taking all these different kinds of classes.

I thought for sure he would find me interesting, but he didn't.

His loss.

Happy Easter to you and yours too!