Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The Middle Ground

It's the spaces that cause all the confusion for me. For in between the words, the rushes of emotions, the nucleus and the electrons is a world of emptiness.

It may seem empty, but it's not. It's full of secrets, HD radio stations, UFOs, real feelings, the real things you want to say to another person, the meaning of life, quantum leaps. Each space is pure potential and a Big Bang is about to occur.

I used to think that finding the manual for living a great life was what I needed, but now I know that it's reading between the lines that will get you there. It's the space between the ones you love and yourself that makes you feel it most acutely. It's the longing to say something when the words won't come.

It's the place of boundless energy and deepest silence. It's the place to come when you need to rest or rejuvenate. The middle ground will make you whole. It's not about not tipping the scales. There are no extremes.

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