Monday, April 09, 2007

Portable DVD Player, Fourteen, Pieces

It's late but I still wanted to do a post. Three beautiful things:
  1. A portable DVD player with 10 inch screen. It's my luxury splurge since I got a refund on my taxes. At work during lunch I watched DVD commentary for "The Lower Depths," a film by Kurosawa. I prefer to watch the full length film at home, but I don't mind watching commentary or documentaries in pieces and now I can do it at lunchtime!
  2. Fourteen (14) men I'm communicating with on eHarmony. There's gotta be the potential for a couple of dates in there somewhere.
  3. Doing things I love in pieces. I have now learned that even writing a paragraph or for 10-15 minutes is better than not writing at all. The same thing with drawing a picture or taking a single picture. It all adds up in the end.
Hope everyone had a good Monday.


anne said...

Yaaay - an upbeat post!

Mock Turtle said...

Anne -
Goodness, I guess I have been going on with the downer posts (although I thought the one about Howard was pretty upbeat). Good things have ben happening for me lately. I'll have to bring that stuff in to balance things out.

Thanks for the wakeup call.