Thursday, December 09, 2010

City Life: The Ceilings At San Francisco Centre Shopping Mall

The big dome in the newer part of the mall.

Yep, that's Nordstrom's up there.

San Francisco Centre is a mall located on Market Street near the area known as Union Square. The Square is renowned as a shopping area, particularly for tourists. Though I say I don't like malls I do come here more often than I'd like to admit, usually because I'm stopping at the bookstore on the way home.

The mall is divided into two connected sections. The Nordstrom's side is the oldest. The side with the big dome is the newest section and comes complete with a Bloomingdale's.

The food court in the basement on the Bloomingdale's side is the best food court I've ever seen. All manner of good eateries are here; not one place could be called "bad mall food." I usually get Fish & Chips at Catch Isle located in the middle of the Court.

The mall was busy today but not what I'd call a mad house. Still, Holiday shopping is in full swing.

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