Tuesday, December 14, 2010

City Life: Ocean Beach Sunset

Ocean Beach is about 3.5 miles from where I live and one of my favorite places. Yesterday a friend suggested we go for a walk at sunset. It's usually cold and foggy down there but it was so warm, maybe in the mid-60s, and barely any breeze. I left my jacket in the car.

My friend looking out at the waves.

The Pacific Ocean.

We drove through Golden Gate Park on the way there, stopping at the Bison Paddock. The Bison were already in their Paddock, stoic and silent as always. The far western edge of the Park is across the street from the Beach. The Great Highway runs parallel to the water.

Another self-portrait of Miss Turtle.

It was very clear and the light was wonderful. And there were plenty of surfers. Ocean Beach is one of the top Bay Area spots for serious surfers because of the strong currents and intense waves. I've been on the beach when the wind was so strong that sheets of sand were blowing only a couple of inches above the ground.

A shot of the golden light on the water.

Serious nuclear-looking sunset.

My friend and I talked and took a bunch of pictures. I took a little over a 100 photos. I was trying to capture the color I see with the camera but everything kept coming out too orange. I like the above sunset but would have preferred it if there was a little more blue in the waves. I really should take a photographer class so I can learn to use my camera controls instead of just pointing and shooting all the time.

Post-sunset clouds.

Love this picture my friend took of me!

I definitely don't spend enough time here and it's so close. I should be coming here most days with my dog. She loves running around on the beach even if she doesn't like the water.


anne said...

MT, how is it that your lipstick always looks perfect in every picture of you????

I am very envious!

Mock Turtle said...


Hahaahahaaa! That's a good one. Funny you should mention lipstick. I'm very happy with how my makeup came out that day so it's nice that you noticed.

I don't know the answer to your question but in some pictures I'm not wearing lipstick. The rest of the time I just put it on and go.

Hope your Holidays have been great!